First Communications Company provides complete end user training for every installation.

A major part of the success of any communications system installation is the planning and training!

First Communications Involves the customer completely from the time of contract all the way through the acceptance of the system.

  • A pre-installation meeting is held with the First Communications Customer Service Representative at the customer site to determine all necessary programming for the new system to establish extension numbers, location of all employee telephones, speed dial lists, ringing assignments, long distance restrictions, dial tone access and call flow.
  • If Voice Mail is purchased, during this meeting sample scripts are provided to the customer. The customer (with the Customer Service Representative) selects and writes the most appropriate script for the call answering (Automated Attendant) portion of the system and all personal greetings at the telephone (Voice Mail) end.
  • Training procedures and schedules are also established at this time. Training is best accomplished in a classroom style procedure, eight to ten people per class for 45-60 minutes (depending on how intricate the system programming is designed). Training materials are distributed to all attendees of each training class for review and repeated for reference to feature operation over the life of the system.
  • Operator training is a separate class designed specifically for the receptionist and any back-up receptionists. Many times we find that operator training is most successful when the operator is actually taken to an existing customer site to work on installed telephones with real telephone calls being processed. This training takes approximately two hours and has proven to give the receptionist a much more comfortable attitude when their system is actually turned on. A training manual is provided to the operator so that they have reference to feature operation over the life of the system.
  • On-going training is always available to the customer  for new employee situations as long as the customer is an active customer of First Communications Company.


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