Business Telephone Systems

We are a leading provider of business telephone systems, voice mail, and computer telephony integration (CTI).  First Communications has been in the telephone equipment and computer telephone integration business for over 20 years and we were the first authorized representative for Bell South in the New Orleans area. We also offer consulting for all your communication needs — from analyzing your business telephone bill to long distance to complete telephone equipment, CTI, or Voice Over IP system packages.

For almost two decades First Communications Company has been supplying the highest quality products along with superb service. We will meet with you to discuss your complete communications needs. Starting with dial tone, and which company is best for your needs. Long distance is evaluated. We also analyze answering service charges, telephone repair costs, computer telephone network and software expenses. Hopefully by managing your communications expense we can give you a CTI solution – a communications management tool for the next decade. Imagine the power of your computer’s database being delivered to your workstation along with an incoming call! First Communications Company was one of the first companies in the nation to deliver this system. While the manufacturers were playing with strategic alliances, we were completing our applications.

Computer Telephone Integration

Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) enables you to access and address your communications from any touch tone telephone in the world. You can manage live telephone traffic right on your PC screen. Other CTI Products include view mail, view fax, and view call.

Business demands that you are easily accessible and always available. Voice mail plays a big part in defining accessibility and availability for individuals and businesses alike. However, one of the biggest challenges is following through and managing all of the messages you receive. Your ability to do so reflects your level of productivity and professionalism. Lose control and you risk losing your customers.

ADIX Telephony Office-Linx 2000 was developed with control in mind. ADIX TOL 2000 is a powerful turnkey messaging system that provides integrated voice mail, automated attendant, visual mailbox management, and desktop chatting capabilities for the ADIX APS. In addition to these standard features, ADIX TOL 2000 can be configured with optional packages to enable features such as unified messaging, fax server, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), advanced desktop call control and local area paging.

Voice Over IP

You have every reason to be excited – your IWATSU phone system has just become IP-enabled! Now you can IP-enable ANY ADIX system with a simple upgrade! That means significant cost savings because you can add IP functionality without replacing your existing system. Check out what an IP-enabled system can do for you:

Access ADIX system features via your IWATSU IP phone anywhere in or out of the office. Take your Iwatsu IP Phone anywhere and still maintain your personal extension. Connect other network devices to your Iwatsu IP Phone locally or remotely.

Network up to 128 offices for shared access to ADIX system features. Transfer calls between networked offices and access centralized voice mail. Benefit from flexible bandwidth usage, cost-effective connectivity and remote network management.

Offsite administrators can program your system and telephones from a remote location Remote system and network management eliminates onsite administration costs. Station users can personally program their own telephones from their PC’s.

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