For almost four decades First Communications Company has been supplying the highest quality products along with superb service. We will meet with you to discuss your complete communications needs – starting with dial tone and which company is best for you. Long distance is evaluated. We also analyze answering service cost, license charges, telephone repair costs, computer network and software expenses. Hopefully, by managing your communications expense, we can give you a CTI solution – a communications management tool for the next decade. Imagine the power of your computer’s database being delivered to your workstation along with an incoming call! First Communications Company was one of the first companies in the nation to deliver this system. While the manufacturers were playing with strategic alliances, we were completing our applications.

The latest is IOT. Never heard of it? IOT is “internet of things”. We will have them all work together for you. Your smart phone, tablet, computer and desk phone will all work as one. Eliminate all conventional desk sets. Your employees can be on your system or the device they use most – and you still manage them.

First Communications Company is independent of any Dial Tone or Long Distance provider. In the past, we have provided AT&T, Windstream, Level 3, COX and Birch. SIP trunks are the latest way to reduce your ongoing expense in this area. Therefore, we can consult with you on those items and give you a truly unbiased analysis.

About Corey Mack

Cory graduated from Northwestern State University with a degree in Aviation Science. He worked for the state of Louisiana as a fire spotter directing ground crews to the fire site.

In addition to his degree in Aviation Science, he also holds a commercial license and is an instructor for multi engine aircraft.
Cory joined First Communications early in the new millennium, although he worked summers in high school and college pulling cable and installing telephones. Now, as president, he knows every aspect of the communications and low voltage business. Cory is the member that holds the State contractor’s license and one of the qualifying employees for the State Fire Marshall.

Camera system design and implementation is a favorite area for him. Cory has trained on advanced software for designing camera systems. The software culminates in a site plan showing camera coverage of your building, starting with Google earth. Day and night lighting and your budget all come together in his design for you.

Cory has experience from the old ITT 10 button phones all the way to the latest video phones from Alcatel Lucent. Forethought and insight are important to any organization, and Cory has instructed the FCC employee’s on how to provide this to you.

Data networking and wireless coverage is going through another growth period. Cory was trained by Alcatel-Lucent and others on network hardware application.

Cory looks forward to leading First Communications for many years to come.